How You Can Help

You Can Make a Difference!


1.   Make a direct donation


2.  Volunteer to help with one of our projects. 


  • Fundraising to provide rainwater for vegetable gardens


Rain Down the Harvest is working with Eagle Rock Christian Center on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD.  Our goal is to plant vegetable gardens at homes, a school, and a community center utilizing rainwater harvesting as the main water source. This will be an opportunity to educate the public on water, sustainability, and healthy eating.



  • Fundraising to provide rainwater harvesting tanks at a children’s center.


Rain Down The Harvest is working with Iris Malawi, an organization located in Malawi, Africa.  Their programs include children’s homes, children’s schools, church ministry, food distribution, sustainable farming, aquaponic fish farm, and disaster relief.


Malawi has a dry season of 9 months.  It is critical to collect rainwater during the rainy season.  At the Iris Malawi base, rainwater is harvested and stored in various containers.  During the recent rainy season, a 2,642 gallon tank cracked open.  Rain Down The Harvest has pledged to donate two 1,321 gallons tanks.  The tanks will be similar to ones used elsewhere on the base.





3.  Sign up for one of our of our services


  • Rainwater Harvesting System Design/Build
  • Rain Garden Design/Build

Every time we install a Rainwater Harvesting System or a Rain Garden it provides us with an opportunity to raise awareness of the global water crisis. A portion of the revenue collected from installing a rainwater harvesting system or rain garden goes directly to charity. We are Design/Build and will install these systems on Commercial, Municipal, or Residential properties.


4.  Education

We are always looking to participate as exhibitors or presenters at green fairs, schools, libraries, etc.